Facetime Marketing

At Navigation Real Estate, our brokers employ a unique marketing strategy we like to call "Facetime Marketing" for all residential, commercial, bank-owned and/or land listings.

Facetime Marketing involves face-to-face meetings with qualified institutional and investor clients who have a proven ability to close in this market.

We seek out buyers who we have represented or dealt with in the past, as well as individuals and entities identified by our clients as potential buyers for the listing.

Our face-to-face meetings provide a showcase for buyers on how our listing benefits the buyer's acquisition strategies and needs. Facetime Marketing has proven highly effective in procuring offers from and maximizing exposure to, relevant buyers.

All too often, we witness our competition utilizing traditional marketing efforts such as installing a window or property sign, submitting a listing to the CBA, MLS, LoopNet or Costar, only to sit back and wait for the phone to ring.

In this market environment, traditional marketing efforts such as these have proven wholly ineffective in procuring offers and closing transactions within the time frame required by sellers.

To learn more about "Facetime Marketing" and how it can benefit your listing, please feel free to schedule a consultation with one of our brokers. We can be reached by phone at: 206-903-1836 or by email at: info@navigationre.com.