Be an industry leader dedicated to client collaboration and providing strategic representation and uncompromised service by following our well-established principles.

Client collaboration

  • Listening: Listen carefully to understand the client's needs
  • Communication: Promote open and continuous communication
  • Partnership: View client as a partner where input is both encouraged and valued
  • Results: Leverage client involvement to ensure maximum results

Strategic Representation

  • Identify goals: Clearly identify client's buying or selling goals
  • Custom Solutions: From client goals, conceive and implement custom buying and selling solutions
  • Presentation: Convey client's strategy through distinctive presentation
  • Negotiation: Calculated negotiation specifically designed to achieve client goals
  • Follow-through: Continue to work diligently toward achieving client's goals through and after closing

Exceptional Service

  • Integrity: Hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards
  • Responsiveness: Proactive in informing client and prompt responsiveness to all client questions and inquiries
  • Innovation: Utilize cutting edge technology and our proprietary solutions to provide innovative solutions to client's goals
  • Communication: Promote open communication and accessibility to information
  • Fulfillment: Client's goals supersede agent's interests.
  • Professionalism: Exceed client goals through unmatched professionalism


  • Teamwork: Attorney broker's active involvement with Navigation managing brokers in all transactions
  • Realization: Concentrate on employing client, agent and broker input on the realization of client's goals
  • Achievement: Focus on highest achievement through identifying and exceeding client's goals
  • Market Research: Perform arduous and targeted market research to deliver maximum financial value in client's real estate transaction
  • Third party collaboration: Collaborate with lenders, inspectors, title officers and escrow agents to ensure smooth and efficient transactions
  • Value: Focus on delivering value to client at all stages of the transaction
  • Diversity: Value diversity in company and clientele'

Ongoing Improvement

  • Quality: Achieve highest level of achievement for clients through comprehensive market knowledge and consistent professional training
  • Education: Technical, practical and cutting-edge focus on professional education and training
  • Technology: Focus on cutting-edge technologies and advances
  • Resources. Pursue emerging informational resources for establishing consistent improvement and competitive advantage

Community Service

  • Community: Work to create community by enhancing the lives of those who live in the communities we serve
  • Contribution: Encourage financial and time contributions in our communities
  • Dedication: Dedicate time and resources to the underserved and those in need of our community's assistance

Please feel free to contact us directly at: (206) 903-1836, or by email at: info@navigationre.com to schedule an appointment with one of our brokers.