Washington State Commercial Real Estate Services

At Navigation Real Estate, we provide a wide range of services focused on the successful sale and acquisition of all types of income producing properties. We emphasize strategic consultation and information exchange, rather than focusing solely on the transaction.

Understanding our client's investment objectives, then carrying out those objectives in a deliberate and calculated manner results in maximizing value and minimizing liability. It's a client's best assurance that our strategies are in sync with their goals.

Our brokers represent clients in the sale and acquisition of all types of commercial real estate, including but not limited to:

  • Retail and shopping center tracts
  • Commercial buildings
  • Apartments
  • Properties for sale or lease
  • Office buildings
  • Raw land
  • Investment properties
  • Retail office
  • Warehouse/Industrial.

Our clients consist of institutions and individuals from Washington State and throughout the United States and internationally who wish to sell or acquire income-producing properties located in the Puget Sound region.

Given our diverse economy, we are confident that the Northwest will be among the first regions to rebound from the global recession, which in turn, will reap tremendous profits for those who take advantage of the tremendous values available in today's market.

However, as we are all keenly aware, the market for income producing real property assets has experienced a dramatic sea change in the last five years. Traditional real estate brokerage firms offering traditional services are no longer capable of meeting clients' ever-changing needs.

That's why Navigation Real Estate chooses to break from tradition and employ creative solutions that are individually tailored to our client's unique objectives.

We are an independent, team-oriented firm replete with brokers who work tirelessly to understand and achieve our valued clients' objectives in each and every asset sale and acquisition.

All of our brokers stand ready to work with you and deliver the expertise and perform the hard work required in this ever-changing commercial real estate market. Our comprehensive commercial brokerage services include not only acquisition and sales but also strategic consulting, legal and advisory services1.

Our brokers bring a wealth of expertise to bear and prove especially valuable in the analysis of financial details and cash flows, strategic marketing and inimitable negotiation techniques; all performed with an eye toward due diligence, information gathering and streamlining transactions.

We understand that information and due diligence can make the difference in selling or acquiring an income-producing asset in today's commercial real estate market. The need for expert, professional investment information and advice has never been greater given today's constantly changing market conditions.

The financial drivers that propel today's commercial real estate transactions are complex, and the growing list of financing constraints by which they are governed only add to their complexity.

Having a managing broker who is also a licensed attorney being involved in every sale/acquisition affords Navigation clients a value added service not available in the traditional commercial brokerage environment. Our team-oriented philosophy assists clients in making informed, intelligent financial decisions while protecting risk factors as well as short and long term fixed and contingent liabilities in every purchase and sale transaction.

We support our offerings with value-added services such as cash flow analysis, tenant research, information gathering, and transaction negotiation and coordination.

As our name implies, our brokers are highly qualified to help you navigate the highly uneven terrain that is today's commercial real estate market. Our expertise and approach assist clients in making informed, intelligent decisions about the purchase and sale options available to them.

Our brokers' marketing strengths go beyond the installation of a "For Sale" sign on the property and submitting the listing in the various online listing services. We do not wait around for the phone to ring. We understand the importance of presenting our listings face-to-face with buyers who have a proven ability to close on the type of listing we are marketing for our client.

We call our direct marketing efforts "Facetime Marketing" because we believe we have to put in face time to market a property in today's commercial real estate market. Facetime Marketing ensures that your income producing property is showcased, in person, to our pool of potential buyers in a professional and organized fashion.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your commercial property sale or acquisition needs and encourage you to contact one of our brokers to schedule a consultation. We can be reached by telephone at: (206) 903-1836 and by email at: info@navigationre.com.

1 Legal services are provided through Foster Law Offices, our managing broker's law firm.


Washington Commercial Landlord or Tenant Leasing Services

At Navigation Real Estate, we represent landlords and tenants in the marketing and acquisition of commercial lease space. Our services are client-focused and results-oriented.

We have provided a brief overview of our philosophy and services below:

* Commercial Landlord Leasing Services

Effective Landlord representation requires much more than placing a "For Lease" sign on a building, entering the listing into the many online listing websites, and sending bulk emails to other brokers.

This market requires a more direct approach in order to secure qualified tenants on lease terms most favorable to our clients.

At Navigation Real Estate, our brokers represent landlords in the following product types:

  • Office
  • Shopping center
  • Strip Center
  • Ground Leasing
  • Warehouse/Industrial

To accomplish our landlord's leasing objectives, we employ direct marketing efforts where we showcase our client's space offerings to businesses seeking to relocate or expand. In addition to the traditional marketing efforts set forth above, our brokers meet face-to-face with businesses that we have worked with in the past as well as businesses that our clients are interested in as tenants.

After securing an interested tenant, our brokers team with our managing broker to carefully negotiate lease terms that are most favorable to our client. Given market conditions, our negotiations are structured to assert leverage where available and hold back where necessary. Our objective is to gain a tenant on our client's terms, not to win a negotiation for our own ego.

Our direct marketing efforts, combined with our broker/attorney team-oriented philosophy, provides the landlord with the resources necessary to maximize rental income in this challenging market environment.

We welcome the opportunity to provide you with more information on how Navigation can assist you in your tenant marketing and retention efforts.

* Commercial Tenant Leasing Services

Retaining the services of a skilled tenant representative is the most important aspect of a successful lease transaction.

Because the interests of the landlord's broker listing a lease space are aligned with the landlord, the unrepresented tenant leaves thousands of dollars on the table in rent and concessions. The landlord's broker's sole job is to obtain the maximum price on the terms most beneficial to the landlord.

Not having a broker representing a tenant's interest is the same as a litigant relying on the advice of an opponent's attorney in a legal matter. When so much is at stake financially and legally, you shouldn't have one broker representing both parties in an office lease transaction.

Office space specifications, location and costs are all important factors in determining the ideal lease for your business.

From start-up companies looking for their first location to developed businesses and franchises that are expanding or looking to relocate, we offer an ideal combination of experience and advice that can help make your transition easier for you.

We manage the entire process to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your new or expanded business space.

Our job doesn't stop once we've found a location. Rather, this is where our value-added services begin.

Having a Navigation broker on your side means you not only have a skilled leasing broker who maintains intimate knowledge about price points and available deal terms (such as concessions), clients enjoy the dual benefit of having our managing broker reviewing proposed leases and negotiating on the tenant's behalf.

Therefore, if a tenant does not retain its own broker, the tenant is likely to pay more and receive far less favorable terms.

For example, lease concessions, such as free rent, parking and tenant improvement allowances may not be offered to tenants who negotiate directly with the landlord's broker.

At Navigation Real Estate, we offer uniquely tailored tenant solutions designed to understand and carry out your business residence needs.

Our tenant representation services include but may not be limited to:

  • Analysis and Location Advice and Recommendations
  • Utilizing Technology to Locate Suitable Lease Space
  • Building or Office Information and Specifications
  • On Location Site Tours
  • Range of Office Leasing Alternatives
  • Expert Lease Negotiation
  • 24/7 Client Communication
  • Renewal Consultation and Negotiation

If you have any questions about our tenant representation services, we invite you to schedule an appointment with one of our brokers. We can be reached by phone at: (206) 903-1836 or by email at: info@navigationre.com.