Washington Residential Real Estate Brokerage

* Buying A Home In Washington

At Navigation Real Estate, we represent buyers in the purchase of homes, condominiums and land throughout the state of Washington. However, our approach to your home purchase is quite different than the traditional real estate firm.

With the advent of the internet, the home buyer has access to a wealth of information that had been formerly available exclusively to real estate agents. From real-time home listings to cutting edge pricing data, the internet has bridged the information gap between agent and client.

Broker-client partnership

Based on the availability of information, we consider the broker-client relationship to be a partnership where the client is an invaluable component of a successful home buying experience.

If the client so desires, we welcome and encourage active participation and input from you in all aspects of your home purchase.


Our services include:

  • Collaborating with you to formulate a home buying strategy
  • Utilizing your home buying objectives to conduct a targeted home search
  • Conducting private tours of any home you desire to visit
  • Performing price research on comparable home sales in your desired neighborhood(s)
  • Preparing a comparative market analysis for any home you express interest in
  • Meticulously drafting of all real estate contracts, contingencies and disclosures
  • Presenting and negotiate your offer with the Seller's agent
  • Reviewing all contracts, disclosures, disclaimers and inspection reports and carefully explain the meaning of these legal documents to you
  • Working together with the Seller’s agent, escrow, title and other third parties following the Seller's acceptance of your offer through closing
  • Encouraging open communication between agent and client throughout your home buying experience


We welcome your home buying questions and offer a free consultation to discuss your home purchase options. Please feel free to contact us at: (206) 442-9500 (toll free at 1-800-206-6122) or by email at: info@navigationre.com.

* Selling A Home In Washington

Selling a home can be a daunting prospect even for the experienced home seller. At Navigation Real Estate, our goal is simple: Maximize sale price and minimize the time it takes to sell your home.

To accomplish our goal, we begin by conducting a thorough interview with you to fully understand your goals as well as sale timing and any special circumstances relating to your home sale. By listening carefully to your sale objectives, we are able to formulate an individually-tailored sale strategy to deliver the highest sale price in the least amount of time.

Furthermore, we strive to not only to understand your objectives, but also to make sure that you understand what we will do for you. Among the various services rendered to Washington home sellers, include:

Unique and creative selling philosophy

At Navigation Real Estate, we understand that no two home sales are the same. We do not offer pre-packaged marketing plans and we do not pepper you with demands. Instead, our relationship with our clients is a partnership where the client is encouraged to become an active participant in the sale process.

From pricing to marketing, our managing brokers will consult you on your ideas on the sale of your home. Then, with your objectives and ideas in mind, we present you with our custom-tailored sale plan. Open and ongoing interaction between agent and client during the sale process has proven to be a key component to our success.

Exceptional service

To us, service is a combination of stewardship, listening and responsiveness.

  1. Stewardship. As the steward of your home sale, we advocate your interests as we would our own. We are careful to protect your confidential information and security as we present and negotiate your home sale to potential buyers
  2. Listening. In our industry, there are many who maintain a certain fondness for talking about themselves, rather than listening to the client. At Navigation Real Estate, our managing brokers are carefully selected based on not only knowledge and experience, but also the strength of their interpersonal skills and ability to listen
  3. Responsiveness. At Navigation Real Estate, being responsive involves not only prompt and strategic communication with potential buyers, but also immediate attention to client inquiries. While we are hopeful that

Pricing expertise

As stated above, we share your goal of achieving the maximum price for your home. We also understand your need for an expeditious and efficient sale. When pricing your home we not only perform a comprehensive market analysis of comparable home sales and current listings, but also research market trends in your neighborhood and surrounding area. We leverage the largest database of prices and sales information and collaborate with you to arrive at your sale price.

Expert buyer prequalification

An unqualified buyer can create numerous unnecessary difficulties in your home sale. We take great care to conduct due diligence into the buyer's financial affairs and undertake a careful review of a potential buyer's prequalification for financing to avoid the time and opportunity cost related to entering into a contract with an unqualified buyer.

Full disclosure

From our initial discussions to closing, we pride ourselves on providing you with full disclosure on all aspects of your home sale. We begin by explaining the home sale process and our strategies and ideas for selling your home. Moreover, we fully disclose all commissions and fees involved in your sale and provide you with a detailed timeline of all events to occur during the listing and sale of your home.

Expert contract review and drafting

At Navigation, our attorney broker collaborates with all agents in every transaction to review offers, contracts and contingencies involved in your home sale. To this end, we provide you with invaluable insight on the strengths and weaknesses of each offer while protecting your interests during the contracting stage.

Closing services

Following your acceptance of an offer, we work closely with escrow, title insurers, attorneys and others involved in your home sale to answer questions and quickly address any problems arising during closing. Our proactive closing services are designed to create creative solutions to any issue faced by the buyer during the closing stage of your home sale.

Open communication and continuous feedback

At Navigation Real Estate, we encourage open communication, and provide you with regular updates and continuous feedback throughout our representation. We are here to answer your questions and keep you informed on the status of your home sale. Every offer is thoroughly explained and all agent interest is discussed with you.


We welcome your questions regarding the sale of your home. Please feel free to contact us anytime: (206) 903-1836, or by email at: info@navigationre.com.